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    If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable home builder, then look no further. You’ll be guided seamlessly through the process from design to finish as we build your custom home. We’ve been in this business for many years and are proud to count ourselves among the best quality custom home builders in NH. 

    Our portfolio of completed projects ranges from multi-million dollar homes to housing developments and condominiums. Working smoothly with each trade that is a part of complete project is key, and we are continuously striving to perfect the process. 

    Our clients are always the priority, and keeping high standards ensures that every part of the building process is up to code while satisfying the goals of our customers. 

    Custom Home Builders in NH

    Our construction company has extensive experience with both residential and commercial projects alike. We provide new construction, plus home remodeling options and additions to your already finished house. Additionally, you can hire us for a complete makeover and renovation of your existing house.

    Our services are scalable to fit the needs of each particular project. From large, extensive renovation and building complete custom homes from scratch, all the way to adding a deck to your home, we tackle it all.

    Our clients are our number 1 priority, and we make sure that each of our clients knows exactly what’s going on and has input on how their house turns out. We strive for open and honest communication with each and every one of our clients through the whole process, and make sure that we provide them with correct working schedules and estimates which we then stick to as our commitment.

    Having been in the construction business for a good many years, we’ve founded working relationships with all the standard trades as well as other companies involved in specialty and custom trades. This gives us an extra advantage with our full service solutions, making each job go smoother and allows the owners of each project to save on any extra spending that might come through dealing directly with these companies.

    Our Home Builder Services

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    Our team has the man-power, skill, and equipment to deal with any project scope; working directly with home owners or with real estate investors, both mid-level and large-scale general contractors, and real estate agents. Whatever the construction job may require, our managers and builders are ready for the task.

    We specialize in seamlessly installing every aspect from frame to finish. Including framing, roofing, siding, windows, doors, and all the finishes that make your home one-of-a-kind. From flooring, tiles of all shapes and sizes, and kitchen cabinets. We also build custom decks and porches that fit and compliment the style and layout of your house.

    To see our completed projects, go over to our gallery and take a look at some of the pictures of our projects we’ve finished. You can also browse and look through pictures of some projects that are still underway so you can see what some of the process looks like. In everything we do, every project we undertake, we want to make sure that we provide our customers with exactly what they were looking for in their new home.

    Guided Process of Having Your Home Built

    Operating out of Southern New Hampshire, we take on construction jobs of all kinds. Although many come to us for renovations, or installations of certain specific home elements, we specialize in the construction of brand new homes, and are able to build you a brand new custom home according to your desires.

    Getting a new home built for yourself is a big life event and is likely to be full of excitement and something you’ll enjoy thoroughly. With all the experience we have cultivated over the years of work we’ve been through, we can confidently say that we’re well-prepared to take you on this journey and help you get exactly the house you need while providing you with a stress-free building process for your new home. Our team is there to walk you through the whole process and make everything move as smoothly as possible till your new home is ready for you and your family to comfortably move in to.

    We start each job with an initial meeting and free consultation where we can clearly and efficiently present all options and find the one that best suits you as our customer, both design-wise and budget-wise. Here we can figure out the size of your home that will work best with your lot, location, as well as how many bathrooms and bedrooms you want or need. These will all play a part in how much you’ll need to budget on your new home, and together we’ll find the perfect fit for you. Working with your budget to achieve your dream home is our goal. 

    Once finalizing all these details, you’ll sit down with our architect to determine all the details and house plans. After surveying the land on which you plan to build your home, we’ll be able to properly plot out the house location. Then we get down to elevation style, room sizes, and other details so we can come up with the first draft of your new home. If this process takes a little longer than you’d expected, don’t worry! You’ll want to spend time considering all options and thinking about exactly what you want so that you can get the house you want and need. With the right amount of planning, the actual building process can go a lot smoother and end up being much faster and easier.

    Then all the finishes need to be chosen. This often takes more time than any of the other steps, since it is a custom job after all and this is the part where a lot of specialized decisions will be made by the client; decisions that weren’t possible to make at earlier planning stages. After this, our structural engineer needs to sign off on the plans and make sure they’re all possible and doable. Then we apply to get our proper permits, which depends entirely on how busy things are at the municipality where the house is being built. But once the plans are approved, the building can commence! Once this is all done, you’ll be that much closer to having a brand new home ready to move into and add your own personal touches that will make it the perfect place you want to live in and call home.

    What Will Your Dream Home Look Like

    Imagine the possibilities

    Choosing design, layout, open floor plans, finishes and more are all an exciting part of having your custom home built. We love working closely with our clients to achieve their goals. With all the home design shows on TV there are many style options to choose from. Our in-house designers can help guide you through the process to keep a cohesive stylist look, ensuring quality and re-sell value if you ever decide to sell. 

    Why Choose Us as Your NH Home Builders

    When looking for a good custom home building contractor, you’ll want to find a company where they pay attention to detail and have a good portfolio of previous works that they’ve done so you can see straight away what kind of work they do and whether or not you want to work with them.

    We are proud to say that over our years of building custom homes, renovating and improving homes, we have quite a bit of examples to show to any potential clients. We’ve got a full roster of satisfied customers who’ve employed us to do their building for them and a whole bunch of ongoing projects that you can browse over as well to get a feel of what the process looks like.

    We’ve worked repeatedly with many of the New Hampshire craftsmen and developed a close working relationship with them. With their help, we are able to bring top quality detail to every building and renovation endeavor we undertake.

    Our goal is to not only provide you with the home of your dreams, but to make the journey there as pleasant, smooth, and enjoyable as we possibly can. We’ve mastered the ability to make stress-free plans for new homeowners so that they can be deeply involved, regularly updated and clearly see what’s going on as their house takes form and becomes ready for them to move in.

    We get a lot of referrals and repeat business, due to the large quantity of homeowners that have been more than satisfied with their new luxury homes. People who are looking for a new home appreciate quality workmanship and contractors that are easy to communicate and work with. And that’s us!

    It’s good to be picky about who you’re going to work with! We always encourage homeowners to be careful about who they hire and be sure and comfortable about their custom home building contractors. Entrusting the making of your new home to someone is no small thing, and you want to be sure that you can fully trust the company you choose to deliver on what they promise. That’s exactly why we at Expert Home Builders NH are head and shoulders ahead of the competition. We’ve got a strong portfolio of past projects of what we’ve done in the past, and the word of many happy homeowners to vouch for us. We are committed to excellence in every job we take on, and it shows!

    So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re available for hire all over New Hampshire as well as in Northern Massachusetts and Southern Maine. Head on over to the form we have here on our site and fill it out to get a Free Quote!

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