Custom Home Builders in NH

Our wide range of builder services include the following:

  • Custom Home Builder
  • New Construction
  • Complete Rebuilds, (Tear down and remodel)
  • Home Additions
  • Garage Additions
  • Decks and Porches
  • Builder for Condominiums and townhouses

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    Stages of Having Your Custom Home Built

    Planning, Design and Permits

    Demolition, Excavation, and Foundation

    Framing and Initial Construction

    Roofing, Siding, Windows, Trim and Exterior finishes

    Home Builder for New Construction NH

    We provide a number of builder services, but our main focus is on new construction for custom homes. We’ve built a reputation for ourselves through years of work, many successful builds and a whole lot of satisfied clients.

    We work together with new homeowners to find exactly the type of house they want to make, where they want it made, and all other details that come into the equation when planning out a new home. When planning out a new home, the homeowner is king, and our job is to find out how we can make your dreams possible as we provide you with the knowledge and information so that together we can make the plans for your new home.

    ​You may have heard the term “spec homes,” which means a type of home that’s built to cater to the market and is not usually built for the initial owner to live in, but rather to be used for renting or selling. These types of homes are more standard and generally don’t have the same details taken care of as a custom home. We are also fully prepared to provide clients with these types of houses if that’s what they’re looking for, however we particularly specialize in custom homes where the customer has full sway of deciding exactly what they want their house to be like.

    You’ll work with our in-house designer to establish the exact requirements for your new home. Are you planning on retiring? Are you making a home for your growing family? Are you making a home for vacations and extended family gatherings? Whatever your specific needs and desires are, we’re here to help you find out exactly what kind of home will make the cut for you.

    New Hampshire Home Builder

    Hiring our Custom Home Builders to make you a custom home is not the same as getting a pre-fab home. There’s a lot more you’ll need to be involved in to properly plan out your custom home. A lot of the steps that you'd normally leave completely up to the professional building planners become steps that you as a homeowner will get involved in so that you can tweak and modify your future home to suit your particular needs.

    It may seem a little overwhelming, and like maybe you should leave the planning to the professionals. But don’t worry! Even if you’re not a building planning expert, our planners and project managers are great at presenting all the options in a way that’s easy to understand. We’re here to make sure you know what your options are and what difference it’ll make to your new home so you can make educated choices and end up with a home customized to your taste. The purpose of a custom home is to give you what you want while fitting the design, quality, land features and cost value applicable for each particular client.

    Maybe you already have a home that just needs a bit of remodeling or renovation. In cases like these, you can also count on us to help you find the right solutions to make the modifications to your home that will achieve just what you wanted.

    Although the building of new custom homes is what we showcase the most, we are also fully equipped to take care of window and door installation, new kitchen installation, and other home renovations and modification that you may desire.

    Our building and renovation services are available to all in New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, and southern Maine. Get in contact with us today and let’s get started!

    Process for Custom Home Construction

    When betting a custom house built, one of the best parts is how many decisions are completely up to you as a homeowner. Through the entire planning of the exterior and interior of your new home, your wants and preferences are what give the whole project wings. Through this approach you’ll be able to provide yourself and/or your loved ones with a home you can fully enjoy with pride, knowing you’ve had a hand in its creation.

    Before anything else happens, the first step in our process is for you to meet with us and clearly explain what you’re looking for in your new custom home so we can provide you with feedback and suggestions on how to move forward with trying to help you reach your goals. We’ll take into account any special features you request and give you our experienced and skilled opinions on how best to achieve your requests. This is also the stage in our process where we discuss your budget and financial options. We’ll most likely tackle some of the paperwork in this stage.

    Next, we’ll want to focus on some of the details. Now most of our clients enjoy this part the most. This is where you’ll get to pick your personalized layout design and other components that will best fit your preferences and lifestyle. From cabinets and light fixtures to flooring, we cover all details to make sure you get what you want.

    Once you’ve got all the planning and paperwork covered, then it’s finally time for us to get started on building your new home! We stay in close contact throughout the entire duration of the construction, so they can be appraised of all progress as it happens.

    Then all that’s left for you to do after this is move in and enjoy!

    Benefits of New Construction vs Renovation

    Whether you want to renovate an already existing house or just start fresh with a new custom home depends on a couple of things. Both building new and fixing up an old place can end up being the right choice for you, but you’ll need to take your situation and other things into account to see which one will be more beneficial in the long run.

    If you’ve weighed up all the points and you’re still not sure, you can always consult us as experts and we can give you our professional opinion as to how to proceed.

    You’ll want to take into account things such as your budget, the reason for the renovations or building, the amount of time available vs. the amount of time necessary for the project. These are a few things to consider right off the bat.

    Renovating is, in most cases, more cost efficient and saves more time. But there might be some extenuating conditions in your house that could make renovating a redundant solution. You’ll want to get the opinion of a professional on your house before making the decision to undertake any major renovations.

    Something to keep in mind as well is that building requirements are constantly changing, and if you’re going to do any renovating you might end up needing to do many more renovations that you hadn’t planned for to bring your home up to the building codes.

    Maybe you’re running a store in a location that’s been dying for a while and you need to move. This would be a good reason to start fresh in a new location rather than simply renovating your old building.

    Getting a new custom home built from scratch is often the more pricey option, but in many cases it’s also the better move. 

    Hiring a General Contractor for Custom Home Build

    Are you looking to build yourself a new home? If so, you’re likely aware that it’s a large investment, and not a matter you’ll want to entrust to just anyone. You’ll want to find the right fit for you, a building contractor that will cater to your needs, who’ll be easy to work with, and definitely someone licensed and insured.

    Our role as custom home builders NH is to be an advocate for you, the homeowner, but also to find provide you with all the information you’ll need to get the right home made for your situation.

    Through our extensive years of work on renovating and building custom homes, we’ve retained advanced knowledge of all building systems and can confidently say that we will make sure each and every subcontractor executes the work as outlined in the initial plans made together with the homeowner. We have the added benefit of being on good working terms with a great many subcontractors in the New Hampshire area and as such are able to efficiently tackle any number of jobs and ensure top quality workmanship.

    It is our responsibility to take care of getting all the approvals, overseeing inspections, as well as obtaining the certificate of occupancy. We’re here to make your new custom home building ride as smooth as possible, and as such are here to take care of a bunch of the nitty gritty details. We order and survey all building materials to make sure they’re up to snuff.

    So if you’re in the market for a new custom home, you’ve come to just the right place! Our company is here to help you get your new home up and running. Contact us today! We’re just a phone call away. Additionally, you can fill out the form on our site for a Free Quote