Home styles for New Home Construction

New Home Builder Styles

These are some of the styles of houses that are popular here in New England:

  • Cape Cod 
  • Colonial
  • Ranch
  • Split Level
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Victorian
  • Tudor
  • Craftsman
  • Bungalow

We find that the majority of the style requests we get in the past few years are the modern farmhouse, or the custom colonial. There are touches that can be added to these styles that emulate the victorian and the craftsman, such as details on the exterior. But many are opting for a combination of styles to create a very custom look.

If you choose us as your custom home building contractor, you’ll have the luxury of choosing exactly the design and build of your new house. 

Many people looking into buying new houses simply fall in love with the farmhouse style home, and for plenty of good reasons! It has a one-of-a-kind sort of simplicity and comfort that creates an atmosphere of irresistible homey-ness, made popular by HGTV and Magnolia designs. There are some people who prefer a more modern look and feel to their homes, and might feel they’d prefer a different option.

One of the biggest pros to getting the farmhouse style is the convenience and functionality. Coming up with a timeless floor plan, lighting and furniture for this type of home is a breeze. When considering design options, you’ll want to keep function as a primary focus and allow storage options and furniture to have the spotlight, rather than ornaments and decorations.

Choosing Finishes for your New Custom Home

We will guide you through the sometimes overwhelming process of choosing the color finishes for your home. There are many areas that can be accented with color such as trim, gutters, siding, and windows. When opting for a high-end look we can show you some excellent choices for color combinations, such as off white siding with black trim, or soft greys with copper gutters to create a well established look. Many of our clients opt for houses that appear a hundred years old in style, but have all the amenities and benefits of brand new construction

Neutral colors will often be the best choice, in keeping with the style of your house. This will even give your home a more modern, fresh and minimalistic look if that’s what you’re going for. People often go with simple wooden furniture with these types of builds, as this compliments the traditional type style. If you’re going for a modern twist on the farmhouse style home, you could mix it up and add other element like throw pillows, blankets, plush couches, or cushioned bar stools.

Industrial elements blend well with the farmhouse style house; iron shelves, low hanging light fixtures, hanging bar doors, etc. Always keep in mind that the accents that will work the best aesthetically will be the ones that are also functional.

When it comes to traditional colonial homes, the layout is a little different but they’re just as popular around here as the farmhouse style home.

Colonial houses rely heavily on symmetry to create an orderly and prestigious vibe. The front door is typically smack in the center of the house with the same amount of windows to each side of it, typically nine per side. Sporting a fireplace and central chimney, they’ve also generally got a central staircase leading to the upper floor (or floors) where the bedrooms often are. These colonial type builds are incredibly popular amongst New England home owners. There are variations of the colonial home, like the Dutch Colonial, French Colonial and Spanish Colonial.

These two types of homes are just two of the styles you can choose from when working with us, but you also have the option of going completely off the reservation and doing something completely new! The choice is yours. We’re here to give you the home you desire.